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About Me and Why I do What I do!

God Saved my Life in More Ways than One:


Why I Do What I Do!!!

When you have tried everything in life to “fill that hole” your spirit longs to have filled; all you FINALLY make it to that A-HAH moment you can’t keep it to yourself!!! You have to share your trials and tribulations and HOW GOD has helped/impacted you in your life! That hole I could never fill with a man/husband, an awesome job, being needed by people, my son, my family, alcohol, constantly filling my “alone” time with going out to party. NOTHING ever worked until I was FLAT on my back laying in a hospital bed unable to lift my head!!! Then and ONLY then can GOD make that impression on you that your whole life has a higher purpose, there is a REASON why you are here on this Earth. Its NOT to do what you want, its to Honor God the Father, and Jesus Christ!!! In him I give ALL MY GLORY, HONOR, and ADMIRATION. We don’t need anybody's approval, love, or attention. The ONLY person that matters (COMES FIRST) is God the Father! When he comes first in your life all the other things kind of fall into place and that hole, that hole that you felt for SO SO long in your life is FINALLY closed. Do you think its coincidental that we ALL have that yearning? I don’t care WHO you are, WE ALL have that feeling inside of us crying out for purpose. When GOD shows up and shows OUT how can you not want others who are having troubles, are downhearted, suffering, hurting, lonely, scared, afraid, poor, confused to be told about Gods mercy?

1 Peter 4:11 - “Whoever serves, as one who serves by the strength which God supplies - in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. 


God helped me to look at myself, and clean and fixed me from the inside out. In that, I learned how to forgive those who oppressed and hurt me. I am now able to see them through Jesus’ eyes and know that they are hurting and lost just like I was. People don’t purposely go out just to hurt others unless they are hurting themselves. You have to look past the roughness and negative actions because truly deep down inside they are hurting from something to.

After having a complete restoration of my spine a year ago, most days are a challenge physically. After 24 screws, 2 surgeries, and 20 inches of rods, and a month total in the hospital and rehab, a year later still in a back-brace, here I am, using my time to serve the Lord!

So now, instead of running 100 MPH like I used to, too busy to slow down ENOUGH to even stop for 60 seconds to LOOK and open my eyes to GOD's amazing glory, my lifestyle has changed but my spirit is happier than ever. I am using my time to help in a small way to advance the Kingdom of the Lord. That is why I want to help Hanna House Organization, part of Changed Lives Minist'ries in Moncks Corner, SC. 25% of all purchases made on my two websites ( and on my Etsy page ( are going to help support this organization who help wayward, lost and abused women with Love and Biblical Guidance.

I thank God everyday for all the mighty things he has done for me and I shall praise his name FOREVER!!

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My Rest Time has been Filled

with Joy!!!

My Concept and Style

Filling my "rest time" making jewelry, I want to "spread the Great News" as a disciple for God.  He gives me strength and his mercies and grace are new everyday!  I will be making more religious themed pieces for the Glory of God!

CCChicks Policy on Jewelry



Silver Toned - This often means that it is made of nickel, copper or another metal.

SP - SILVER PLATED” This often means that it is made of nickel, copper or another metal, simply plated with a layer of sterling silver. Don't be fooled by the Chinese S925 Branding. It is simply SP. Will last a little longer than Silver Toned.

925 SS - REAL - All silver jewelry should have a stamp to identify it as pure silver as required by law. “925” means STERLING SILVER .999 / .958 / .925 / .800 refers to pure hand-made silver, 92% and 99% respectively.


If you are rough on your jewelry, then stainless steel jewelry may be just what you need. It is more durable and doesn't scratch or dull. This hypoallergenic metal is used in all kinds of applications. It is an extremely durable metal and less expensive than sterling silver. 

Susan Lucarelli, Owner/Artist

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